Safe Development

Tired of getting rug pulled, scammed, left with no development and no admins who go that extra 238,900 miles to the moon with you?

What is SafeDevelopment ($SAFEDEV)?

SafeDevelopment, develop your future safely! Join us when we take our RFI Token to the next level. We are going to release a series of smart contracts that are #SAFU. By keeping track of the Blockchain we are able to reward holders, valuable community members, buyers, and traders.

Tired of getting the rug pulled? scammed? or left with no development or no admins?

The safedevs are online 24/7 and community is active all the time!
They will go the extra 238,900 miles to the moon with you.

Do you dare to hold till x100?

Join us as we take our RFI Token to the next level. Project developments released at 30-day intervals. The first in a series of smart contracts that are #SAFU, this is just the start!

Diamondhands are always welcome and loved, projects will reward long-term holders.

Take a look at our



S a f e D e v

you won't be left alone

100% liquidity locked

We lock up the LP tokens on a yearly cycle to build up trust with our investors. Locking to PCS for many years is a bad idea.

50% of team tokens burnt

We burn 50% of all team tokens right after presale to fuel the rocket and set holders off to a great start.

50% of team tokens locked

We also lock up 50% of left over tokens in 10 day intervals. These will be used to kickstart the SafeEngagement fund as a means of rewarding and giving back to those that stay with the project and actively engage in the community.

Renounced Ownership

The ownership of the token contract will be renounced. This way the deployer has no special rights and can't mess with the contract or screw investors over.


Total supply: SAFEDEV

2% reflect to hodlers

4% will add to liquidity

4% go straight into engagement fund (in development)

Token release schedule:

After 24h - 1% of total supply -> 5% of dev wallet : for marketing

4 % of total supply -> 20% of dev wallet : for airdrops, manual Burns and distribution among team members

5 % of total supply -> 25% of dev wallet : for engagementFund

10 % of total supply -> 50% of dev wallet : will be locked in our own smart contract and used to fund development, marketing and special giveaways. Part of that will also be used to support charity projects

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